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Start Again? Sure, it’s Monday!

So many Sunday evenings find me sitting on the couch and wondering where the week has gone. I look back at my Daily “To Do” list and see that NOTHING is checked off. I look at my Cleaning “To Do” list and see that NOTHING is checked off. I look at my Repair, Upkeep, and Once a Year “To Do” list and see that NOTHING is checked off.

Yes, I like to make lists, BUT far too often I forget to check things off. On the flip side, I do things that never got entered on the list.

Oh, well, this is a new week.

Come Monday morning, however, I sit with my coffee and make the lists again. It’s a new Monday; it’s a new week; it’s time to make new goals for the week.

It is always comforting to me that I can begin again 52 weeks in a year because things come up that are never planned on, or other tasks must get done first, or I am not in the mood to tackle some/any thing on the list.

Before my children were grown and on their own (They now range from turning 29 to 33 this year.), writing lists and keeping a calendar was a definite MUST: husband in one direction, one child in another direction, one child in still another direction, and me in a fourth. Somehow this had to all be coordinated. When I got divorced and became a “single parent household” for a while, I had to keep life in a steady progression.

Now, as a retired teacher, I find it imperative to have my “To Do” lists and my goals because it is so easy, some days, to just ditch all needed tasks and responsibilities and do nothing. (I think it comes from being so over-booked and scheduled that I rarely had a moment to just sit and relax.) On days like these, I find it essential to sit down and add a “To Done” list – in other words, even though there is a “To Do” list on paper, I write down what I have accomplished. (Like the days I pay bills by phone – UGH! It takes so, so long.)


Cheers to a NEW MONDAY!

Cheers to a NEW WEEK!

Cheers to a NEW LIST OF GOALS!

So, it’s Monday. How will you pick yourself up and begin again today?

Thanks for reading.


As you move through your day-to-day activities and responsibilities, please remember to

Live Life –

Keep Things Simple –

Look for the Positive –



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