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Gardening, and Grandkids, and Summer! Oh, my!

The weather has finally warmed enough to take the coffee out on the porch. I have sugar and creamer and that new dairy case latte maker if you need some; I take mine black.

I started “Conversations and Coffee” a while back on another blog I did. I was taking one of many blogging classes and the lesson was to think (and try) writing a weekly post that was kind of a summation of the week.

If we were having coffee right now . . . we would talk about yard work and gardening. I have planted several herbs and vegetables in pots on my front porch. (I still have three to pot this afternoon.) I have basil, sage, rosemary, dill, oregano, chives, stevia, grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and spinach. Last year, it took all summer to figure out where these would grow the best. Most of our back yard is in direct sun ALL DAY. The east side seemed too much, but so did the west side. I compromised. There are now two garden “shelves” on the east side of my front porch. The plants get good morning sun but are sheltered from the complete intensity of the Middle Tennessee sun. What did you plant this year?

If we were having coffee right now . . . we would talk about kids and grandkids. No, really! I don’t think I know any grandparent who doesn’t talk about the grandkids. Between my husband and me, we have four kids: I have two boys and he has two girls and a total of seven grandkids ranging from six months to a freshman in high school. Unfortunately, the closest live a two and a half hours away and the farthest are ten and a half hours away. We try to see them every chance we can, but it is difficult because they kids have jobs and lives and the grandkids are busy. What are your kids and grandkids up to these days?

If we were having coffee right now . . . we would talk about summer plans. My husband and I enjoy camping. I’ve only scheduled one of our getaways. I know, I’m procrastinating. We want to get away at least once each month but go no further than a three to five hour drive. Years ago we were tent campers until we flooded the tent at a campground in Naples, Florida, in August. What are you doing this summer?

If we were having coffee right now . . . we would talk about what we are reading. I’m in the middle of The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee by Carolyn Brown. It’s a delightful book full of twists and turns and secrets set in a small town in Texas. What are you reading? What’s on your TBR list?

If we were having coffee right now . . . I would share my mission for this blog. I want to encourage you to be the best you that you can be. I want to share the lessons that I have learned from living and working. I want to share the insight I have gained from reading and researching. And more.

Thanks for reading.


As you move through your day-to-day activities and responsibilities, please remember to

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