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November snuck in seven days ago on the heels of October. An October that just never seemed to end.

I had such hopes for November, but it (actually “me”) has let me down just like all the other months this year.

I had to laugh at a Facebook post I read this past week: Hurry up, 2017, I can’t wait for you to get here because 2016 has been a rough year. (At least that is the gist of the post.) But, like most people, 2017 will be another rough year. Let’s face it – life can only get better if we become grateful for what we have and create achievable goals for what we want.

With that in mind, these are my top 10 things that I want to do, accomplish, or experience in November. They are, mind you, in no specific order.

  1. Get the guest room painted. Why? Because the guest room is still the vibrant shade of neon green it was when we moved in 13 months ago and my son and his girlfriend are coming for a visit in two weeks.
  2. Finally get through the boxes from moving that are stacked in the middle of my garage. Why? Because I would finally like to park IN the garage.
  3. Start posting items for sale on the internet. Why? If I haven’t used it, it isn’t a family heirloom, or I see no need/use for the item, why should I continue to allow it to take up space.
  4. Actually get the 50,000 words+ written during National Novel Writing Month. Why? Because I think I have a good story going.
  5. Donate. Why? There are numerous good things to donate and a great number of people who are in need. The dog kennel in the garage is going to a local animal shelter. I will be buying non-perishable food to place in the collection box at our chiropractors.
  6. Locate my Christmas card list and Christmas cards. Why? I have, for most of my life, been a procrastinator. This year, I want my cards out early. I want people to realize that, even though I now live in Tennessee, I still think about them. I also want to stay connected with family that lives from coast to coast and border to border.
  7. Get my fall cleaning jobs completed. Why? Finishing something makes me feel good. I sat last night and listed what I had actually gotten done (made a recipe of zucchini bread, finished the base coat of paint on the planter my husband had made me, completed two loads of laundry, set up a second set of shelves in our storage shed, cleaned up the floor of the storage shed, cleaned out the jammed ice maker, and wrote over 1,000 words on my novel. I sat down last night with the feeling of accomplishment.
  8. Divorce the games on my phone more. Why? Games on my phone are great time wasters. By setting up “visitation rights” to the games on my phone, I find I have gotten more done. So, when do I allow myself to visit the games and Facebook? In the truck when my husband is driving, when I have to wait in line somewhere, and at the end of the day between 8:00 and 10:00 if everything else I wanted to accomplish has gotten done.
  9. Begin my Christmas shopping. Why? The holiday season is stressful enough so why wait until the last minute to shop for people. I already have several things that I have picked up for people, but I need to finish. It is fun to shop through the year because I don’t like to get Christmas specific gifts that merchants and advertisers think we should buy each other.
  10. Get out for a walk each day. Why? I have gotten out of shape and move over weight than I have ever been. If I can commit myself to walking the dogs each day, I think I will have more energy and that I will feel better about life.

What are your 10 goals for the month of November?

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