If you haven’t read anything on here in the past 12 days, you don’t know that I signed on to a 15 day blogging challenge held by Content Igniters. Today is the 13th day in a row that I have written a post.

Today’s challenge is not about the focus of this blog, or is it? Today’s challenge is to write about how I have benefited from writing every day for 12, no 13 days. I think that the ways I have benefited from this challenge and writing for 12 days straight can be divided into how I have benefited, what I have proved to myself, and what I have learned.


#1. I have benefited from comments and suggestions from you, my readers.

#2. I have benefited each task because it added to my writing portfolio.

#3. I have benefited from this challenge because it has helped form my vision for my future. The past year has thrown so many life changes in my direction I have sometimes found my head spinning in circles.

#4. I have benefited from this challenge because it has allowed me to meet some awesome individuals around the world.


#1. I have proved to myself that I have an audience.

I’ve been writing about happiness and how to live a happier life. I’ve been speaking (to my Toastmasters group) about how to live a happier life. BUT, what I wasn’t expecting was that I would get a number of positive comments and a number of people who shared my articles.

Thank you.

#2. I have proved to myself that I can stick to something.

I am a professional procrastinator. I can put off something I think I need to do and do absolutely nothing. One of the reasons I procrastinators are procrastinators is that they are also closet perfectionists. Yup, I’m a perfectionist. If I can’t do it to my expectations, I tend to back off and wait till the last minute.

I have stuck with a writing schedule, writing in the evening which seems to work best for me. I have written every day.


#1. I have learned a number of things from reading the blogs of you, the participants, in this challenge.

#2. I have learned that I can find time to write each and every day, even on a camping vacation.

#3. I have learned that I can work on a variety of projects in one day: blog on this blog, work on my author newsletter (first issue to be out sometime this month), pen the first worst draft of a new novel (After all, it is JuNoWriMo.), and work on editing a novel I want to pitch in July.

NOTE: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have saved the tasks from this challenge as well as the first challenge. I think some of them would be great to revisit down the road and with my other blogs as I dust them off and get to know them again.


  • Reagan Colbert

    Awesome, Karna. Love how you categorized it so precisely! I too feel the same way as you – seriously blessed and honored to have been a part of this. Love what you said about procrastinators/perfectionists (Guilty 🙂 ), and it’s awesome to read of all the things you got from the challenge.
    (And yes, I have saved every challenge 🙂 )

  • mikeallisonsalescoaching

    Karna, It’s great to see the benefits you’ve received from the challenges. If I can be of any help and support going forward, just let me know.

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