What Causes You to Be Happy? Here are Some of the Things that Make Me Happy.

Years ago, when my children were small, I decided that neither I, nor my children, needed more stuff to sit around or get thrown out. It was then that I decided experience presents were better. My mother took up the challenge early and took my two boys (at that time they were in elementary school) and me to see a Broadway show in Chicago for our Christmas present.

My husband has picked up on the idea.

I would so much rather have an experience rather than stuff.

You see, this is my birthday week. As an early present, my husband took me to Nashville last Friday to see Blake Shelton in concert. What an awesome experience! It was complete with a slow, early stroll down Broadway, a beer at Whiskey Bent Saloon, a burger Paradise Park Trailer Resort, and a sample of a praline from Savannah Candy Kitchen.

blake 2

Blake put on an amazing show. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really this close. (Aren’t photo editing tools fantastic.).


reasons to be happy

I have a “happiness” journal in which I write at least three things that brought me happiness that day. Have you ever thought about writing down two or three things that made you happy each day?

Here are a few of the items listed in my “happiness” journal. (I got the idea for the journal from Kelly Epperson’s book 365 Days of Joy.)

  • country music
  • knowing the question to a Jeopardy clue
  • a personal piece of mail (You know – not a bill, a statement, or junk mail.)
  • chocolate
  • sunshine

You get the idea.

Tonight, try it. Sit and look back on the day for about five minutes and jot down three things that made you happy today.

What are your reasons to be happy?

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