Conversation Over Coffee

Although the temperature outside registers 60 degrees, the wind could blow you away this morning.

How have you been?

I missed out on our conversation these last two weeks. Two weeks? Really?

If we were having coffee right now … I would ask you what makes you happy. I was member of a happiness club back in Northern Illinois. I miss them. I haven’t found anything like it down here, and in talking with the leader of the group, she has encouraged me to organize a happiness club down here in Middle Tennessee. What do you think? Would you get involved in such a group? Would you like to learn techniques that would help you live a happy life?

happiness is as happiness does
The sunset last night from my front porch.

If we were having coffee right now … I’d share with you that my favorite creative time “waster” right now is coloring. I spent a whole night coloring. It is such a fabulous stress reliever. My favorite color book is not one of the new ones, but one I bought in the 70s when I was in high school or college. I remember once in high school, when I had laryngitis and wasn’t supposed to talk, pulling out a coloring book during choir. I remember getting yelled at because even if I couldn’t sing, I should still have been studying the music. I have even gotten my husband into the adult coloring craze.

If we were having coffee right now … I’d share with you my mother’s handwritten elocution books. I’m transcribing them right now. Why? Because as a retired speech teacher, I have never seen some of these exercise. I’m amazed at what was expected of a nine year old at elocution lessons. They explain some of my mother’s ideas, behaviors, and beliefs.

If we were having coffee right now … I’d share with you my frustration at the numerous political commercials. I had a thought the other night that politicians, no matter what level of government, should have a cap on the number of times their commercial could be aired, and that political commercials should be considered a public service announcement. I wonder if the media could also research the statements a politician makes with an unbiased mind, and then, if untruths were discovered about a politician or his statements about another politician, the announcement could be pulled from the news media. Then, if a politician’s public service announcement was free, what would our politicians say.

What would you tell me this week during our morning coffee?

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