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For the last several years, my husband and I have been talking about moving out of state after I retired. We had discussed, traveled through, and vacationed in the states we were thinking about before we decided on a specific state. Then we talked about the must haves and the “deal breakers” – you know, the things that a property has or doesn’t have that will have us turning on our heels and running away.

So, jump ahead a couple of years from the beginning of our discussions. Earlier this summer, I decided to start hunting through real estate offerings on sites like realtor.com and zillow.com. I started to find that what was posted as a “new listing” disappeared in less than 10 days. In addition, I have started to sort through our stuff deciding what to sell, trash, or transport to our new home. If I don’t need it before we move, I have started to box up.

My husband comes home on weekends, so I started saving the URLs to properties I liked to share with him on those weekends.

This brings me to the last week. Just one week ago, I contacted a real estate agent in the community of the state where we are hoping to re-locate, and since my husband was going to be home, we decided to pack the camper and go see the properties.

The first realization was that the pictures the real estate agents place on the listings are pictures of the best rooms, and in many cases, the pictures show the room bigger than it actually is. Case in point. We had seen pictures of a large room with built in bookshelves that would make a perfect music room. The picture made it look like I had plenty of room for the piano and the electric key board. Room to put the two guitars on stands and maybe space to put an easy chair. In reality, the room was smaller than my current kitchen and without a wall that the piano would fit against.

The second realization was that some of the yard and/or were much steeper than they looked in the pictures. One was so steep we couldn’t even put a picnic table in the yard.

The third realization was that what some people consider “move in ready” has a lot of work to do.

Finally, we have to hope that we can get the financing and get our house sold. Neither of which have been set in motion.

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