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Happy New Year! Say What? It’s August.

Do you think it’s funny that I am wishing you a Happy New Year in August? After all, we celebrate the new year as December turns to January.

But let’s look at what happens in January as the new year begins.

Many of us set goals as to what we want to accomplish in the coming year; we make resolutions about what we want to do to improve our lives.

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For 51 years of my life, the new year coming in January made little sense. For me, August was the dawn of the new year. This was the time to make goals and resolutions. Why? Because 51 years of my life were ruled by the school year calendar.

As a student, it was in August that I vowed to do well in the courses I was taking, and I vowed to practice my violin and piano. I made resolutions to get more sleep, to get up on time, to try to eat healthy.

But, because I became a teacher, my new year continued to need an August celebration. It was the attitude I started the school year with, that this was a new year and anyone could change. As for me, I would make a list of goals for each semester that included planning, creating, and grading. I also began with the resolve to get enough sleep, get exercise, and to eat more healthy.

Now that I have retired from teaching, I find myself still ruled by the August New Year. I have that hopeful feeling that the next year will be a good one, that I will be able to accomplish my goals and that I will be able to get control of my health.

So, as you take your student(s) out for new school supplies, focus them on the fact that this is a new year. Help them set goals for homework, extra-curriculars, and free time. Help them resolve to keep their room clean, get along with their brothers and sisters, get up on time, and maintain a positive attitude.

AND, by all means, let me know how it goes.


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