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If you check with, you will find that one of the meanings of “enveloped” is “to surround entirely.” The Pec Thing is an event that envelopes you with antiques, collectibles, and crafted creations. Even though it rained substantially this morning and the roofers didn’t finish up until 11:30 this morning, I headed to the Winnebago County Fair Grounds around noon.

This week’s photo challenge asked what “enveloped” meant to me. To me, it means to be surrounded by people or activities or items that mean something to me. This antique and flee market has a meaning to me because of two things: 1. it was an event my mom and I liked to attend when we could, and 2. it reminds me of running her garage sales every spring and fall.

It’s been a while since I have had the chance to get to the fair grounds for this so I was surprised at how large the event had grown.

It is always good to be surrounded by all the old stuff and new stuff, made from old stuff.

Here are some of the things I found enveloping me.

pigs and cows
pigs and cows made from propane canisters
pink car
vintage toys
chimes and mobiles
mobiles and chimes made from kitchen items and beads
scrabble tiles
art work created with old scrabble tiles
kitchen items 2
kitchen items and dishes and glassware
sewing machine lamps
sewing machine lamps
yard art
fabulous yard art
high chair pot holder
a high chair made to hold a potted plant


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