February Sneaks In – Oh, Where Did January Go?

January has ended. Have I accomplished anything I had hoped to do in January?

  • Write regularly? Nope.
  • Read regularly? Nope.
  • Practice my violin regularly? Nope.
  • Clean out the front hall closet? Most of it – Check.
  • Finally get the kitchen clean? For the most part – check.
  • Revamp the way I eat? I’m working on it.
  • Start exercising by at least walking? I did one day, and then it snowed and sleeted. But I did one day. Does that count?

But there were tasks that weren’t scheduled that got done.

  • My studio is almost organized.
  • My office has had some organizational attention.
  • I am learning to cook with spice.

So I sit here tonight, January 31, wondering what I want to accomplish in February.

  • Write regularly! (Yup, it is on here again. But this time I want to identify some clear specifics: post on this blog 3 times a week and on “The Mirror Lies” 3 times a week – write to the prompt for my prompt club earlier than the day of our meeting – work on the novel idea I had for NaNoWriMo 2014 for 30 minutes a day.)
  • Read regularly! (Again! I want to be reading each and every day.)
  • Get the financial records completed for our trucking company. (This is a must since we have now entered tax season.)
  • Get all the family history information gathered together in one area of the house.
  • Develop a list of household renovations and improvements that need to get done in the next two years.
  • Return the family room area of the house to a family room rather than a storage area.
  • Exercise at least more than one day.
  • Continue to eat clean and healthy.

As I crawl into bed and sleep my way into the beginning of February, I realize that I have to work at focusing on accomplishing my tasks.

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