Scarecrows in Cherry Valley, Illinois

Cherry Valley. A village covering just under 4 square miles contains approximately 3,000 people. It lies just outside the Rockford, Illinois city limits. This is where I wandered with my camera this weekend. I love small town and village festivals and notable events.

Cherry Valley Towns Village sign

It wasn’t to walk around the lake at Bauman Park or watch a softball game at the diamonds or stop at the library or shop at some of the stores.

Instead, I went to town because October in Cherry Valley brings out scarecrows.

I stumbled across this last year, the first year. It’s a contest they call “Crow about Cherry Valley.” The scarecrows went up this year on September 26. Most are adopted by local businesses, and many take on some aspect of the business they represent.

The following are my favorites.

The road into the village proper. (Photo originally posted on “Ticket to Wander” by Rebecca Kojetin.)

Take 20 is located just outside the village on Highway 20. (Photo originally posted on “Ticket to Wander” by Rebecca Kojetin.)

Harry Potter and his owl stood outside the welcome center. (Photo originally posted on “Ticket to Wander” by Rebecca Kojetin.)

The daycare is near this parking lot with a caring parent or staff member. (Photo originally posted on “Ticket to Wander” by Rebecca Kojetin.)

Citizens and visitors can meander down the cobblestone main street to view the scarecrows. Then, votes for the best scarecrow can be made at the library or other locations.

As you move through your day to day activities and responsibilities, please remember to

live life –

keep things simple –

look for the positive –

and smile.

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