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October VS Pepper

Last October Pepper was sent to the emergency vet by the cat. When the vet was finished, he called the cat a psycho-ninja-sniper-kitty. The “kitty” had, with one swipe with one claw, punctured one of the arteries at the tip of Pepper.

I had tried direct pressure on his ear for over an hour with no luck. I’d release; he’d shake his head and break it open.

When we went to our vet to get the bandage removed, Pepper shook his head and broke the wound open again. Two days later? Repeat. Two days later? Repeat. Rather than send us home again, she kept Pepper in a kennel and sedated overnight so that the wound could scab over. Victory!

Last spring, we ventured to the dog park, and a Welcoming Committee greet us.

The Welcoming Committee.

Sniff – run – play – repeat

Pepper is third dog from left.

Pepper loves it there. In fact, when I mention that we are headed to the dog park, he can’t wait to jump into the truck. He loves to stick his head out the window and sniff at the breeze.


His excitement, however, this past week got him into big trouble. He was hanging out the front passenger window as I turned into the dog park parking lot. He got so excited that he got his back paws onto the arm rest and jumped out of the slowly moving truck. Talk about panic. I carefully stopped the truck – I had no idea where he had landed – and threw the transmission into park. When I got to him, he was standing in the parking lot. It looked like he was asking me, “What’s the matter?”

I checked him over – nothing seemed to be broken. He seemed fine.

After an hour, he seemed to be winding down. When we got into the truck, however, I noticed his belly looked raw and red and so did some spots on his legs.

Another Quick Trip To The Vet

I was concerned that he might be more hurt than he appeared; so, rather than go home, we went to see the vet. Verdict: Just a great deal of road rash. Nothing more.

As the vet tech said, “We see Pepper for the strangest things.”

They put him on an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, and a pain killer.

Today, less than a week after jumping out the window, we went back to the dog park. This time, however, I refused to let him sit in the front seat.

Hopefully, this will be his last October vet trip.

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