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    You Have Magic within You! Your Own Personal Magic.

    Magic? If you think magic is only the sleight of hand tricks used by magicians and illusionists, you are only partially correct. If you think magic is only practiced by people who delve into the occult, you are only partially correct. As a verb, magic is defined as the ability “to create, transform, or move as if by magic” (dictionary.com). To me, it is the words “as if by magic” that are important here. So many times people have no idea how or why an individual has chosen to improve their own life. We don’t see their process; we just see the outcome. Here’s what I mean by personal magic.…

  • As summer turns to autumn
    Life,  Wellness

    September, A Time for Transition

    Last night, as I prepared my The ONE, The EVERYTHING Notebook for September, I realized that September is a month of transition. The days are growing obviously shorter and will until December 21. The heat is subsiding for most of…

  • Help! Only a toy car will fit in my garage right now.
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    Why I Care About the Stuff in the Garage

    Part 3 in a 5 part series on Living Simply Decluttering and Cleaning in the Midst of Holding on to Items that my Great Grandparents Owned March 1 the blossoms on the Bradford pear trees drew my attention. Winter was…